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Aeration & Overseeding

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Aeration is the process of creating openings in the lawn to help air, water and nutrients move into the soil to the grass roots. This helps to alleviate soil compaction and reduce thatch. Aeration and overseeding go hand in hand to create a strong and healthy lawn. After your lawn has been carefully aerated, the skilled lawncare experts at Redcreek Lawn & Hardscape will overseed your lawn, carefully dispersing new seeds over the grass. Combining aeration and overseeding gives your lawn the chance to create new and healthier growth before the first freeze. Over time your lawn can become compacted with every day activities; dogs running around, children playing, parties with large groups of people. Benefits of Core Aeration • Reduces soil compaction—the compression of soil particles which reduces water, nutrients and airs ability to get through to the roots. • Reduces the thatch layer, an organic layer of roots, living and dead shoots and stems that develop between the grass and the soil surface. A thatch layer that is too thick impedes the infiltration of water, oxygen and nutrients. During a core aeration, microorganisms from down inside the soil are pulled up to the surface inside of the soil plug. These microorganisms help to breakdown that thatch layer. • Enhances root growth into the surrounding soil. When spaces in the soil are created by the core aeration process, the grass roots grow into the blank spots creating a stronger, fuller root system. Also food, water and air will have easier access to the roots.

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